August 19, 2010

MAC: In the Groove collection インザグルーブ コレクション

I know I'm behind for this collection but it came out on August 5 in Japan.
MAC collection comes always about a month behind. Good thing about that is I can look into Youtube or Beauty blog before I actually purchase products.
And it seems Japanese people are not too crazy about their collection so I don't need to run out and get something.
My only complain for all time is that they are expensive compare to the USA/Canada price. e.g. A lipstick in Japan: 2,940yen (34.45USD) VS 14.50USD (1,237yen).
Anyways, I got 3 things from that collection.

jazzed- lipstick
Love to Love-Mineralize Eye Shadow
Stereo Rose-Mineralize Skinfinish


  1. Well mac has been coming out with alot of collections this year ^^; it is pretty hard to keep up with
    What did you think of the lipstick?

  2. I totally understand you, but the price it's tooo high, here, in Italy they cost more, but 19-20$, 34 it's definitely too much!

  3. @sly
    Thank you for commenting!
    It is bright coral pink colour.
    I like it but it's unusual colour for me.
    So I like to wear with beige gloss to tone down a little.

  4. @Liwen
    Thank you for your comment!
    Yes it is ridiculously expensive here... *sigh*
    Everything is expensive!!